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10 Habits our Society needs to quit for a better Pakistan

Pakistan is our home, our identity. Our forefathers sacrificed their lives, money and even families to make sure the next generations would live in an independent homeland which they will call their own. We’re all proud of this country and have the utmost respect for it. However, the generations succeeding the makers of this country are lacking a sense of patriotism. On daily basis, Pakistanis are disrespecting the country. Acts that we think are small and don’t really matter, sum up to create a negative image of our beloved country. Let’s see what these habits are.

1. Littering
A country as beautiful as ours blessed with so much greenery is being affected by heavy littering. People litter on daily basis without any shame and without realizing the consequences of their acts. It would only be a single wrapper for someone but together it becomes a whole pile which sits there and not only deteriorates the beauty of the country but also poses hygiene issues. It is deeply saddening to see when educated people who come from good households litter around showing that their education and training had no effect on them.

2. Vandalism

Parks and gardens are built so that people can spend their free time enjoying nature and relaxing in the fresh air. However, these parks are being destroyed by insensitive individuals vandalizing these beautiful spots. Taking out a flower, ruining the grass and throwing in litter ruins these parks making it impossible for people to visit.

3. Not abiding by traffic rules

Traffic rules are there for peoples’ own safety but people in our country don’t seem to understand that. They would rather speed up and break signals than spending 5 minutes which could be the difference between life and death.

4. Rules not applying to everyone

Fairness and justice are two things that are important to run a country smoothly. Unfortunately, in our country rules don’t apply to everyone. The ones in power can get away with almost anything which is what creates feelings of anger among the public. This needs to change immediately.

5. Corruption

Corruption is one thing that has ruined the image of our country. There are very few people in power who earn money the right way without taking bribes or claiming right on someone else’s money. Corruption has seeped into almost every department of the government and is being practised from the bottom level all the way to the top. If corruption ends so will many other problems that are attached to it.

6. Drugs

Smoking and drugs have become quite common in our country and especially amongst students. Recent surveys have stated that the percentage of students doing drugs is now more than ever. Universities are becoming drug hubs where it is being sold and students are so addictively involved in them. Drugs are so readily available that even minors are getting them easily. In order to save the young generation, this needs to be controlled.

7. Lack of trust

Have you ever seen a shopkeeper leave his place for a moment unattended to maybe pray or anything? I don’t think so. This is due to the lack of trust there is amongst the public. We don’t trust each other and always think someone will come for our stuff. If people start trusting each other more there will be more tolerance.

8. Disrespecting the country

The younger generation is nowadays in a habit of cursing the country a lot. They blame the country for everything and insult it all the time comparing it to other places. They need to be taught the importance of respecting one’s own country because if they won’t no one else will. We need people to stand up for our country now more than ever to save its image.

9. Spitting

another habit that needs to stop is spitting in public places. People eat paan and spit it out wherever they feel like leaving behind germs and stains that harm the environment. Not just illiterate people, but some literate ones as well are seen doing these things publically which is extremely disappointing.

10. Cutting Trees

A habit that should stop in all countries, trees should not be cut down. With the level of pollution in our country, we need more trees. Trees are a source of oxygen and beauty for the environment. As more and more construction is being done at the cost of trees, pollution is increasing creating health problems for people.


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