Blasphemy Case - Hang Ayaz Nizami Pakistan

Who is Ayaz Nizami? Triggering The Blasphemous Spark, Again!

Ayaz Nizami is known as an outspoken blogger living in the majority Muslim country. He was arrested on 24th March due to religious freedom crackdown. Ayaz Nizami is a blogger and head of the atheist community in Pakistan and the Agnostic Alliance of our country. The atheists in  Pakistan often fake their real identities trying to protect themselves from getting recognised and harmed.

Ayaz Nizamis website states that he is a very intellectual person studying Islam throughout his life and one day he just woke up to realize that Islam and its teachings aren’t right so he started spreading this awareness among people without having any wrong incentive NauzBillah. What could possibly be the worst incentive than this?

All you Need to Know about Ayaz Nizami:

Ayaz Nizami is an ex-Muslim and a so-called ex-religious scholar. He studied Islam throughout his life and one day suddenly out of nowhere it crossed his mind that Islam and its teachings are wrong and he NauzBillah is right in all his perceptions and negative thoughts. That is where this person started with his negative campaigning and thus started on his mission to deviate people from the righteous path without thinking of the consequences.

 After as he liked to call it realising the reality of faith. Ayaz Nizami took it upon himself to educate and enlighten his fellow countrymen on the wrong path just like him by sharing his findings with them. Declaring that his mission is spreading the truth and knowledge without seeking a reward or having any agenda. Two other bloggers who worked alongside Nizami were arrested.Officials said they were promoting their activity online and had seized their laptops.

Pakistani’s demand the murder of an atheist. These common hashtags are seen to be everywhere on the social media #HangAyazNizami who initiated the crime of starting an atheist group online and deviating people from their right path. People want him hanged not only the religious parties in Pakistan but the everyday common people of Pakistan.

Ayaz is not the first person to face such penalties and death sentence rather any such people who were caught before him in this act of blasphemy were made to face the same conditions.

The Pakistani government has arrested many such writers and activists. The five men who were gradually involved in this act of blasphemy are under serious penalties. Muslim countries are also advocating for the policing of blasphemy within non-Muslim countries. The Judge of the supreme court in Pakistan has announced that blasphemous acts and the people behind it are even worse than the act of terrorism and the terrorists in our country. Stating that a strict action will be taken against any person who is caught doing any such activity and he would be made to face serious charges that may include life-long prison or being hanged to death. Serious penalties will be charged for such acts and against such people. Common citizens are being ordered and advised to report any such activities so that serious action could be taken against them.

#HangAyazNizami Trend on Social Media:

People are talking about Ayaz Nizami on Social media with #HangAyazNizami and #FreeAyazNizami hashtags but the majority of people want him hanged in public.

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  1. Hafiz Abdul Rauf

    Must be draged and drilled in public not in any closed room and aslo if somone protect him and payin favour to this bullshit person also bang hom same way.

  2. Hafiz Abdul Rauf

    Must be draged and drilled in his whole body whe ever he will not meet the dog of the hell and also if somone paying him favour or protecting him also bang him same way

  3. but according to me this person must be free,because its nope him who has the problem but its just people who has the problem,people they should not understood him

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