10 Times we proved Pakistan is Powerful National

10 Times Pakistanis Proved they’re the Most Powerful Nation

Pakistan as a nation has suffered through bloodshed and loss of lives. But, every time a mishap occurred, Pakistanis came out strong and sturdy. If we come aside from the country’s physical beauty and treasures, the country is still left with people with purest of souls. Despite discrimination, people are very patriotic which concludes, Pakistan is a very patriotic country. The lands and resources come after, but, Pakistan as a nation takes pride in them, first.

1947 India Pakistan Migration

1. 1947 – measure loss of lives:

1947 split of the subcontinent; into West-Pakistan and East-Pakistan. It is the year referred to as the largest mass migration in history. Muslims abandoned their home to cross the border. No estimated digits are evidently provided of people dispersed or killed but millions of lives were taken. The chaotic days have left people miserable of losing their loved ones. The Same year, Urdu was declared as an official language of Pakistan, which led to more controversies. But, we as a nation kept growing even after sacrificing 10 lac lives in each passing pace. This was the world’s biggest migration where people sacrificed their Jobs, families, lands and Lives for a Nation. 

1971 India Pakistan War

2. Indo-Pak War of 1971:

In 1971, When Indian army attacked Pakistan from Lahore and Sialkot borders at midnight. It was a critical situation for Pakistan army but  People went overboard to fight against India in each small contribution they could have put to it. Despite to such big problem, not only the army but its people served the cause enthusiastically when the war was declared. People came out of their shelters and fought with army equally on the Lahore and Sialkot border and supported their fellowmen in every way.

Wagah Border Suicide Attack

 3. Wagah Border Attack:

A place usually with a large crowd and only border crossing with India. 3, November 2014, a suicide attack took place leaving more than 50 people killed. An enormous amount of people uses this passage to cross India-Pakistan every day, has left a benchmark on the place ever since the incident. But, united we stand, this place continued to serve its purpose and the border had a crowd more in number the other day. This way, we made it prominent that whatever had happened we never drifted apart.

2005 Earthquake in Pakistan

4. 2005 Earthquake:

The earthquake is known to be the most severe earthquake in the history of Pakistan on the 8th of October, 2005. The aftermath of the disaster was even worse. People remained homeless and lost their loved ones. But, in that only moment, people did not consider their cast and cultural differences, major cities and villages helped the affected people in various ways. People raised funds and thousands of families went there to help the people.

Zarb e Azb by Pakistan Army

5. Zarb e Azab:

Army has always proved to be the one to rescue the nation on the time of troubles. The initiation of the operation, Zarb e Azab days and the nation abide within each other helped and stood with the army to eradicate terrorism. Not just the political government but people assisted the cause even-handed. With the support of Nation, Pakistan Army attacked and almost all of the terrorists from Pakistan and the ratio of terrorist attacks were reduced to the minimum level.

Pakistan Flood in 2010

6. Flood in 2010:

Natural disasters are always unexpected. When the floods are extensive, they create destruction in the city or village causing severe damages. But, all a difficult time has to take is some people and their positive cooperation. Pakistan has faced a severe flood caused in 2010 but none has stopped its people to stop living. Great initiatives are taken, like fundraising, campaigns, and health care facilities. Pakistani people actually considered taking part and helped their countrymen in each way possible.

APS School Peshawar Attack

7. Peshawar School Attack:

The worst kind of terrorism is evidently Peshawar school attack on Army Public school to date. Pakistan might have suffered from guns and bombs for years but this is the least expected terrorism that has ever taken place. Innocent lives were shattered in moments. But we as a nation never died and made that place worthwhile. The school has an extensive amount of children in comparison to the previous strength with better security system and even better management. This massacre might have filled parent’s hearts with fear but it has made our nation powerful and now Pakistan see things through.

Strikes against Terry Jones in Pakistan

8. Controversial act by Terry Jones:

The entire Muslim-nation stood by one cause. The controversial act by Terry Jones of Qoran-burning day (page) developed a sense of integrity amongst Muslims and that was to turn this thing down by any means. He also made an anti-Islamic Movie which faced criticism from all Muslim majority countries. Serving the purpose, several protest and rallies were drawn in order to prevent the anti-Muslim domain. 

Phantom movie banned in Pakistan

9. Phantom Movie:

This specific dialogue, ‘Ghuss Ke Maarenge” from the movie Phantom, triggered the Muslim’s mind and that it reached a level-up criticism which further was banned in Pakistan. Not only Pemra issued a notice of not screening this movie to the country but the entire country boycotted for the same cause of not airing the movie in the country. The baby steps proved that we as a nation are very powerful.

PSL Final in Lahore

10. PSL Support:

PSL final’s conductivity in Lahore received measured criticism. Two terrorist attacks and the recent Sehwan Sharif incident made it crystal clear for the players to refuse to play in Pakistan. It was a very demanding decision for PCB and government equally. Everything turned in the favor of international players to not visit Pakistan. But, with the safety and hospitality promised, it was indeed, a successful event for Pakistan after a decade. The people of Pakistan were very welcoming to the players which made it more eventful. This whole idea concludes, Pakistan as a nation is very vibrant and energetic.


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