PSL Final in Lahore

Why should we support PSL final happening in Lahore?


A bomb blasted after the ceremony at Wagha Border in Lahore. Dozens of people were killed. A few days later, a large number of people participated in an event at the same place and gave a message to the enemy that their attempts to scare Pakistani nation has failed. The terrorist attack at the Army Public-school, Peshawar, took lives of 132 shining stars. A few days later, the same learning process was continued at the school and it was a message for those beasts that we are not fearful of them.

The Shrine was open for visitors after the second and third day despite the suicide attack in Sehwan Shareef and “Dhamliyon ka dhmaal have made it clear to terrorists that the blast did not break our morale.

There have been hundreds of explosions in mosques till date so have people quit praying due to fear? You can visit the Mosques that have been targeted by terrorism that the mosques are filled to brim for Friday prayers. The biggest goal of these cowardly acts is to insulate fear and harassment among public and forces them to kneel before them. The failure of this terrorism to be unsuccessful in its objectives is that people do not suffer because of their terrorist activities. We smile. They give us wound and we smile even after that wound. As long as we are smiling the enemy will fail in its objectives.

One of the reasons behind the Lahore Blast is that The PSL final doesn’t take place in Lahore. If the final doesn’t take place in Lahore it would have meant that the enemy has succeeded in their mission. The government has failed the purpose of these terrorists by decided that the final will take place in Lahore. I agree that the international Cricket doorway will not open for us, but the main purpose of this final is to put an end to the terror sense, and if important events are postponed due to such activities then we will be at the mercy of the enemy. They will plan to explode on every important event and make us postpone it.

If God forbid, the explosion would have been in Islamabad or Rawalpindi would we have postponed the conference. But its security would have been enhanced to avoid any unpleasant future incident to take place. So, why is there any objection if the PSL final security is being enhanced? Despite not having much interest in cricket and government critic in many respects I am in favor of the final in Lahore and I support this decision. Some people will object that, will terrorist cast their weapons away. Of course, they will not! But they also get surrendering as well. We are not afraid. As is common knowledge that the measures should have to be exceptional measures in exceptional circumstances.

Conducting PSL final in Lahore, even if no international team of Pakistan wishes to come to Pakistan, even if the world still labels Pakistan as an insecure country, whether the terrorist doesn’t surrender, but a message will be sent to our enemy that Pakistani Nation didn’t fear, bowed and scared. People terrorizing us should know that they will always fail in this regard.

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