When I Was Little, My Mother taught me to compromise on everything for Pakistan, but never compromise on Pakistan for anything..

Muhammad Usman Awan
Step Forward Pakistan

What I am Fighting For?

Two Nation Ideology

Creation and Ideology of Pakistan

I believe in two nation ideology and this Homeland is miracle of ALLAH Almighty to practice our lives according to the set of beliefs which distunguished us as a nation. I work to defend the creation and Ideology of Pakistan

Positive and Peaceful Values

Cultural, Moral and Religious Values of Pakistan

I am inherently coherent with Cultural, Moral and religious values of Pakistan and to fight against the vices in the society which tarnish these positive values in the name of Extremism and terrorism.

Positive Empowerment for Women

Justice and Respect for Women in Pakistan

My vision is to respect women and take it as our responsibility to address all their problems to promote positive women empowerment in this country according to moral state laws and Islamic Values.

Love, Care, Brotherhood, Sacrifice and Devotion

Love, Care, Brotherhood, Sacrifice and Devotion

The nation is in shackles of racial and lingual differences and my vision is to drive us all to break these shackles and start aring for each other. Its time to fight against secterianism, provincial prejudice and Class Biases..

Step Forward Pakistan

Step Forward Pakistan is a Non-profit Organization, founded by Muhammad Usman Awan to work for the Cultural, Moral and Religious values of Pakistan..

The purpose of this organization is to gather all Pakistanis under the flag of Pakistan by spreading message of Love, Care, Brotherhood, Sacrifice and Devotion.

The is a Patriotic organization, working to defend the Ideology and Creating of Pakistan. We also organize charity and patriotic events.

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Stop Harassment Now

Stop Harassment Now is Pakistan's First Anti Harassment campaign to empower Girls and Working Women against Sexual Harassment in Pakistan..

The purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness, help the victims and provide the free legal assistance for harassment cases. We have a network of 10,000 plus women from all over Pakistan, which are sharing their views, experiences and helping each other.

We share awareness pieces and guides on sexual harassment through blog posts, Videos, Discussions and Social Media Content

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