Professional SEO Expert, Udemy Instructor

SEO and Google Ads expert, known for driving a 150% increase in organic traffic and achieving a 300% ROI on ad campaigns. His strategic expertise has consistently reduced cost-per-click by 50% while doubling conversion rates.

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About digital marketer

Usman Awan is SEO expert, Digital Marketer and Udemy instructor.

With over a decade of expertise in SEO and digital marketing, Usman Awan excels in catapulting websites to the top ranks of Google searches. His mastery lies in strategic keyword optimization and compelling content creation that not only attracts but engages visitors. Usman is also renowned for his proficiency in managing Google Ads campaigns, consistently delivering high-quality leads and impressive returns on investment.

Having successfully served a diverse clientele of 2500 businesses worldwide, he customizes each strategy to align perfectly with their unique goals and budgetary constraints. Usman’s approach is defined by its tangible results, enhancing website traffic and bolstering online visibility to drive business growth.


What You Will Learn

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The Basics

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Working With Data

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Beginner Friendly

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Become Pro in 30 Days

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SEO Expertise

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Google Ads

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Social Media Expertise

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Student Testimonials

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this seller is very knowledgeable with optimizations and we were very pleased with the high level of understanding which was needed for our project. Very easy to work with and communications have been wonderful. We already have taken a couple of gigs and will be back for more.
Lisa Hallway
VP of Products
Usman Awan truly excels in SEO services, paying incredible attention to details which made the quality of delivery outstanding. Working with him was a breeze due to his high level of cooperation, timely delivery, and unfailing politeness. Highly recommend!
Luis Alberto
App developer
Working with this seller is a breeze. It's always a pleasure to work with sellers that are proficient and skilled in their area of expertise. Usman has done a great job on our projects and we will surely be back for another gig soon. If you need this kind of work, don't hesitate, the seller is great!
James Carter
Front-end developer