Usman Awan Social Entrepreneur Activist Blogger Trainer Pakistan

M. Usman Awan

Social Entrepreneur & Udemy Instructor

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Who am I?

To help and empower the women of Pakistan against sexual harassment, I founded Pakistan’s first anti-harassment digital campaign named “Stop Harassment Now”. My major purpose is using social media to create content that can help educating our women against harassment. I have official Facebook page @StopHarassNow with 30K+ Likes and around 1 Million content engagement. We develop content and help women to stand up for their basic rights.

My expertise include Digital marketing and currently I am a Premium Udemy Instructor. More than 4000 students from 100+ countries across the globe are being facilitated by different courses I am introducing among the fresh students. These courses include digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies. 

Currently, I am working with two government projects too i.e. eRozgaar and National Freelancing Training Program to train the youth of Pakistan that how to be self-employed. More than 5000 students all across Pakistan are trained under my supervision through online and offline classes, and they have earned more than 5 crore Pakistani Rupees.